5 Tips for Parents of 2

IMG_3706Being a mom or a dad of two can seem quite unnerving, but believe me – it’s not all that tough! If you get the basics right, you might even get through the day with some free time! Sounds impossible? Read on . . .

These tips have helped me streamline my life in a way that I can manage both my babies, cooking, cleaning and blogging too! 😀

  1. Always keep food handy: Children are just as grumpy as us when hungry. Excellent inexpensive food for kids that are super easy to offer are bananas, apples, milk, carrots, cereal and juices. Your infant might need obvious care with food till she weans breast-milk, milk supplements or Cerelac. While you feed your baby, make sure your toddler’s tummy is catered to as well by let them self-feed on a banana, dosa, sandwich, fruit etc. The sooner they learn to eat themselves, the happier you will find yourself.
  2. Never leave both in the same room unsupervised : The cuddles, smiles and kuchi-koos might be wonderful and all, but it can only take a second with your back turned for your younger one to turn and the thrilled older to ride their back or jump on cushioned baby buttocks. Cervical/Spinal damage can leave lasting disorders. So, whatever you do, make sure, that when you are attending a phone call, cooking or in the bathroom, your kids are engrossed in activities AWAY from each other.
  3. Give your older child visible & blatant attention: Yes, bestow in all your capacity unconcealed kindness, joy and appreciation on your older baby who is probably a toddler or in kindergarten by now. They will enjoy the display and will assuredly end up being more giving and loving towards their baby siblings. Needn’t to say babies get their fair share of love and hugs. Keep that going.
  4. Make ‘Family-time’: Everyday, make sure you spend at least 15 minutes with your partner and both children in an unreserved environment just talking playing, being vocal about your feelings of love and wonder for each other. You will soon see your little ones doing the same and pointing out how well they do as they make new discoveries. The best time for this is just before bed or waking time at dawn, when everyone is in the same room or on the same bed.
  5. Deal with Tantrums one at a time: Where there are kids, there most certainly will be tantrums. When you are a parent of two tiny-tots, these can occur simultaneously & frequently. I always make sure my bawling infant is safely put into his crib or someplace cosy first followed by quickly offering a rattle or chewing toy for soothing. Then all my focus is on my toddler who needs me to look him in the eye and just listen, empathise, feel the emotion with him and then even participate in a little game till I can get him back on his own by offering a happy distraction.









Happy Distractions for Toddlers

Set Daily Goals – Get Back on Track

Have you felt so lost in the process that you’ve almost forgotten the purpose?

I dare say that the majority of our lifestyle choices lure us to deep attachment. Now it’s great if it benefit us. If not, hazardous!

Most days are over before they’ve even started which leaves most of those ‘to-do’ list items unchecked. The following useful pointers help me stay on track. Give it a try and you will find your right track if you haven’t yet.

  • Self Talk : Self-awareness is the foundation of all truth. No matter where you are in life, when you fully recognize your position & accept where you are on your journey w.r.t. work, family or anything else – that exact point is from where you will begin your progress.
  • Evaluate : Assess your situation. First think about what your priorities are. Find out if what your do on a daily basis coincide with these priorities. If you notice a gap or a drift, Voila ! you are on the right track. Only ‘you’ can bridge this gap. Stop what you must, and start what you should!
  • One Goal a Day : Stick to this plan, and you can never so wrong. Make a small goal, something as tiny as – ‘Today, I will do the laundry’ or ‘I will walk to the supermarket’. You don’t need to write it down, just something you determine for yourself to do.
  • Commit & Stay Committed : It is really true that to love all things else, you must love yourself first. So, promise yourself that you will accomplish your daily goal and reward yourself on successful fulfillment at the end of each week.

Remember that you’re doing great even if you complete 2 daily goals out of 6. Give yourself a holiday, and most of all, when you find yourself wandering, which you most certainly will once in a while, remember to go back to ‘Self-talk’. No one can lift you up as much as yourself.

Perseverance is the KEY

Perseverance is the KEY